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Name: 浜尾京介 
Name (romaji): Hamao Kyosuke 
Profession: Actor, Model 
Birthdate: 1991-Jun-25 
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan 
Height: 173cm 
Star sign: Cancer 
Blood type: B 
Talent agency: Tani Promotion

Hamao Kyousuke (浜尾京介) is a Japanese model and actor. Of the many actors of Japan, he is one of my ultimate favorite and crush. The first time I saw him was in Takumi-kun Series: Niji-iro no Garasu (Takumi-kun Series: The Rainbow-colored glass. He played his role so nicely that he immediately caught my attention. After, watching him play his part in the movie, I searched online to find information about him. Shockingly, I learned that he was part of a series my sister and I watched, GOKUSEN 3. I didn't notice him much there because he was just playing a small role and most of the time the camera just passes by him. Then, I continued to search for further information about him, he was suppose to appear on a certain movie... I am not sure what it was but I saw the preview on youtube. I, also, discovered that he was the 4th generation Eiji Kikumaru of Tenimyu (the Prince of Tennis Musical). I really believe that he is the cutest person who played Kikumaru Eiji. Then, after seaarching through wikipedia, I learned that he has a personal blog which he updates normally at night or in the afternoon because more often than not he uses "KONBANWA" and "KONNICHIWA" as a greeting. He updates it quite often, and I make it appoint to read it. I am not really good with Kanji but I am improving because of my habitual reading of his blog. So far, I can't say much about his character because I just learned about him last year, but one thing is that he is quite fashionable and playful. He even wore one of his fan's gift to sleep. It was a costume of some character I am not quite familiar of. anyway he is one of the cutest....

Mina-san, let's support him....  よろしくお願いしま!

His latest projects are Takumi-kun Series: Bibou no Detail, a sequel to the Takumi-kun Series, which will air in theaters on January 30, 2010. I'm so excited. And on the same date, as well as the 31st of January, will be the great reveal of the cast for the new Super Sentai Series, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, at Tokyo Dome City event where Kyousuke-san will be playing the role of Aguri the Black Goseiger/ Gosei Black. Go Kyousuke-chan, gambattemasshou!!!

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